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Recent Georgian Bay Painitings

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Every June, I return to Georgian Bay. I leave behind the busy-ness of city life and find myself enveloped by this ever-changing but always rugged environment.The elements bombard my heart and soul and I submit to the daunting wind, the prehistoric rock, and the majestic water. I accept my fleeting existence and feel blessed to be simply present in this vast and seemingly eternal landscape.

It is here in Georgian Bay that one learns that mother nature is in charge and we are but her stewards. Conservation and preservation of the environment have become my mantra.

As I paint Georgian Bay, I contemplate the impact of human beings on this wild land and I think about what we must do to protect its ecosystem. I choose to paint landscapes that speak to me on this level.As I lay down each colour and shape onto the canvas, I think about why these shapes and colours exist and how they are inter-related. I have used the acrylic medium because it dries quickly. This property allows me to easily juxtapose colours to convey both the power of the environment and the strength of conviction that we need to co-exist in harmony with this land.

Limestone Sanctuary

4' x 5'

Contemplating Little McCoy

40" x 30"


16" x 20"


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  1. Magnificent pieces Cathy. You have truly captured the timeless beauty of Georgion Bay.

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