Cathy Griggs Artist


Cathy Griggs

I am an intuitive artist. I am constantly alert: watching, listening, and identifying issues that resonate with me. Presently, I’m drawn to expressions of identity and place, and personal enlightenment and growth. These topics also extend to a broader concern for society and the planet.

I hope through my work viewers will be enlightened or will be moved to challenge their preconceived ideas. Critical thinking and dialogue that stems from my work, to me, is as important as the art itself.

Making art helps me clarify what I believe. I get great satisfaction when a work resonates with someone. During a difficult time in my life, I created a series called “Transition”. It deals with the transition from pain to acceptance. Not only did this help me move through my pain but to this day others report its effect on their personal journeys. My recent photography series, “Ignace, ON”, questions personal perspective and judgement.

When I create, my aesthetic sensibilities demand that I consider the traditional elements of design. I prefer to make large work although smaller works do creep in. Colour plays a very important role. A lot of my work has a playful tone. My approach to making art varies: sometimes I plan each step carefully – researching, writing, and drawing; other times I just start making the art and assess and alter as I go. I create paintings (oil, acrylic, and encaustic), digital photography, and installations.

My art reflects influences from the following movements: Conceptual, Ephemeral, Post Modern, Abstract Expressionism, Abstract, and Modern Art.